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Maxwell’s pendulum
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  • Maxwell’s pendulum

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    Maxwell’s pendulum is intended in demonstration experiment when the "Mechanics" course of secondary school is studied.

    > Device configuration

    Package list
    1. Suspension rod with screws fixatin thread
    2. Pendulum with thread

    Disc diameter, 100 mm
    Disc thickness, 7 mm
    Axis length, 130 mm
    Axis diameter, 10 mm
    Suspension thread length, 0.8 m
    Rod length, 350 mm
    Rod diameter, 10 mm

    > The experiments

    Set of experiments and researchs

    1. Concept of inertia

    2. Observing convergent oscillation

    3. Conversion of mechanical energy

    To carry out the experiments you will need: tripod
    Additional information

    Using in rooms:

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