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Computer interface block
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  • Computer interface block

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    connecting the computer to measurement tools and sensors ulilized in students’ demonstration experiment and practical work

    > Technical features

    The measurement block admits simultaneous connection to 2 physical sensors. The #1 and #2 channels are intended to measure voltage and connect sensors of temperature, pressure, humidity, anglar speed, conductivity, pH, magnetic field, optoelectric time sensors and some others.
    Measurement range, (–5.. - 10) V
    Voltage measurement accuracy, up to 1%
    Input resistance, 10 kOhm
    Time measurement accuracy, 0.0002 s

    The #3 channel is intended to connect extender which may hold up to two sensors. External device (e.g. electromagnet) can also be controlled via the extender.

    External device features
    Input current, up to 0.45 A
    Supply voltage, up to 12 V

    > Device configuration

    Package set

    Computer interface block, 1 item
    DB-9F/M interface cable, 1 item
    DB-25F/9M adaptor cutoff point, 1 point
    Software 3.5" floppy, 1 item

    A computer interface block is connected to computer via the cable enclosed. The 9 to 25 pins adaptor may be utilized to connect the device to computer. The software enclosed tunes the hardware without assistance.
    To carry out the experiments you will need: IBM PC compatible
    Additional information

    Using in rooms:

    Low-complete school (natural science)
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