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pH sensor
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  • pH sensor

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    The sensor is intended to measure hydrogen exponent of environment.

    > Technical features

    pH measurement range, (1..12) units
    pH measurement sensitivity, ±0.01 units
    Precision of measurement out of temperature factor:
    (20..30) °С temp. range, up to ±0,1;
    (15..20) °С and (30..40) °С temp. ranges, up to ±0,2;
    (5..15) °С and (40..45) °С temp. ranges, up to ±0,3

    pH transient period, (2..15) min (The transient period is less if the pH gets titrated.)
    A computer interface block is intended.

    The sensor is utilized in liquid environments for students’ demonstration experiments and researchs. It can also be utilized for pH titration.
    To carry out the experiments you will need: Computer interface block
    Additional information

    Using in rooms:

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