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Storage racks
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    We represent a new storage system intended to store laboratory equipment for physics, chemistry, biology.

    Since the L-micro® equipment meets the cascade principle, the "Electricity", "Optics" and "Mechanics" laboratory sets are stored in special racks created by vacuum formation from shockproof polysterene.

    The visible side of rack has a set of all the parts put inside the box mentioning their names and number, due to checking the integrity of package. The lugs on case are designed for making up vertical assemblings (up to 6). That allows giving out the books as quick as possible.

    One can organize compact storing of the equipment necessary for practical works if the racks are utilized. Any element of the set becomes come-at-able. The natural science room becomes more ergonomic.

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    Using in rooms:

    Low-complete school (natural science)
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