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Current and voltage digital measurement tools set
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  • Current and voltage digital measurement tools set

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    Measuring the DC and AC values in demonstration experiments on the "Electrodynamics" course.

    > Technical features

    Measurement limits of DC and AC devices:
    Measurement module name Measurement limit
    DC voltmeter 99.9 V
    DC amperemeter 10 A
    DC millivoltmeter 999 mV
    DC milliamperemeter 999 mA
    AC voltmeter 99.9 V
    AC milliamperemeter 999 mA

    > Device configuration

    Package set
    1. Digital indication block with current adaptor, 2 items
    2. Measurement modules
    2.1. DC voltmeter (V)
    2.2. DC amperemeter (A)
    2.3. DC millivoltmeter (mV)
    2.4. DC milliamperemeter (mA)
    2.5. AC voltmeter (~V)
    2.6. AC milliamperemeter (~mA)

    Additional information

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