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Complectation of Physics rooms for secondary school >>

Complectation Physics room for secondary school
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General purpose devices

Computer interface block1
The "Oscillograph" add-on to measuring block1
Balance with set of weights1
Low-frequency sound generator1
Power supply unit 220/24 V 6 A (adjustable)1
Demonstrational ware set1
The Komovskiy vacuum pump1
Vacuum plate1
Stand with clamps for demonstrations1
Frame set1
Classroom tools set1
Electric range (800 W)1

General purpose devices >> Sensors

Pressure sensor1
Rotation angle sensor1
Promptness sensor1

Laboratory devices

Laboratory educational amperemeter15
Laboratory educational voltmeter15
Laboratory balance with set of weights15
Educational dynamometer15
Laboratory power supply BY-415
Laboratory thermometer15
The "Electricity" laboratory devices15
Laboratory electromagnet15
The "Optics" laboratory devices15
The "Mechanics" laboratory devices15
Storage racks45
The "Gas laws" set15
The "Crystallization" set15
Calorimetry objects set15
Measuring glass (100 ml)15

Demonstration devices >> Mechanics

Archimed’s can1
Load of 1 kg1
Demonstrational dynamometers1
The "Rotary motion" demonstration set1
Opened demonstrational manometer1
Wave machine1
Ripple tank1
Maxwell’s pendulum1
Demonstrational meter1
The "Mechanics" demonstration set1
The "Statics" set with magnet holders bundled1
Magdeburg hemispheres1
Communicating vessels1
Demonstrational lever1
Newton’s tube1
Pascal’s sphere1
Demonstrational stop-watch1
Tuning fork based on resonance boxes1

Demonstration devices >> Molecular physics

Hygrometer (psychrometer)1
The "Thermal phenomena" demonstration set1
Set of capillaries1
Meteorological thermometer1
Liquid convection demonstrational tube1
Sphere with ring1
Lead cylinders with plough1

Demonstration devices >> Electrodynamics

High voltage power supply 30 kV1
Magnet bar set1
Arched magnet1
Electrostatic pendulum1
Magnetic field demonstration set1
Electric field demonstration set1
The "Electricity 1" demonstration set1
The "Electricity 2" demonstration set1
The "Electricity 3" demonstration set1
The "Electricity 4" demonstration set1
Current and voltage digital measurement tools set1
Terrestrial magnetic field study device1
Glass stick1
Ebonite stick1
Lenz’s rule demonstration device1
Propped magnet needle1
Electrical plumes (pair)1
Demonstrational sectional electromagnet1
Isolating tripods1
Electrometers with accessories1

Demonstration devices >> Optics

The "Geometrical optics" demonstration set1
The "Wave optics" demonstration set1
Planck’s constant determining device1
Demonstrational wires set (9 items)1

Practical work sets

The electrodynamics practical work set3
Laboratory power supply BY-4M3

Printed books

The "Physical quantities" table1
The "System International" table1
The "Electromagnetic waves" scale1
Portraits of physists (set)1
The "Electricity" methodical books1
The "Optics" methodical books1
The "Mechanics" methodical books1
The "Optics" cards1
Video films set1
Transparent films set1
Set of Physics CDs (3 CDs)1

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