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Rambler's Top100

Complectation of Low-complete school rooms for secondary school >>

Complectation Low-complete school room for secondary school
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General purpose devices

Multipurpose power supply set1
Computer interface block1
The "Oscillograph" add-on to measuring block1
Balance with set of weights1
Water distillation apparatus1
Stand with clamps for demonstrations1
Frame set1

Educational devices

Chemical reaction velocity dependence on condition demonstrational device1
Mass conservation law demonstrational device1
Solid state solubles preparatory device1
Air components defining device1
The "Plant respiratory meatbolism" detector1
The "Comparison of amount of carbonic gas breathed in and out" device1
Power supply unit 220/24 V 6 A (adjustable)1
Low-frequency sound generator1
Demonstrational gases producing device1

Packages and sets of educational devices

The "Mechanics" demonstration set1
The "A tuning forks with accessories" kit1
The "Thermal phenomena" demonstration set1
The electrodynamics practical work set1
The "Geometrical optics" demonstration set1

Packages, sets and equipment for laboratory works

The "Mechanics" laboratory devices5
The "Electricity" laboratory devices5
The "Optics" laboratory devices5
Storage racks15
Preaparatory tools kit5
Calorimetry objects set5
Laboratory educational amperemeter5
Laboratory educational voltmeter5
Educational dynamometer5
Educational microscopes5
Laboratory balance with set of weights5
Laboratory ware and accessories rack5
Laboratory thermometer5

Laboratory-support equipments and materials

Ware and consumables set1
Chemical reagents set1
Consumables set1

Training and visual aids

The "Metals" collection1
The "Fuel" collection1
The "Plastic" collection1
Dull ends and seeds1
Plant associations1
Set of the "Plants. Bacteria. Mushrooms. Lichens" mounts1
The Zoology set1
Set of the "Human health" mounts1
The General Biology set1

Training and visual aids >> Models

Skeleton model1
Rabbit’s skeleton1
Trunk model (disassembled)1
DNA model1
Set of atom models intended to assemble molecule models1
The lattice models set1

Printed books

Periodic system1
Degree of organization of animate nature (12 items)1
The "Organic world evolution" demonstrational table1
The "International units system" table1
Physics code-transparecies set1
Chemistry code-transparencies set1
Biology code-transparencies set1

Computer books

Set of Physics CDs (3 CDs)1
Set of Chemistry CDs1
Set of Biology CDs1

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