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The first euphoria from occurrence of computer facilities in educational institutions has ended at this time, and advantage of real laboratory experiment with use of actual subject of inquiry over computer simulation became obvious.

However its realization in real educational process has been restricted under absence of the appropriate technical and methodical maintenance adequate to national tradition of natural-science teaching.

Use of standard educational equipment for the above-stated purposes was improbable.One of the ways to solve the present problem was the attempt of application the complex using the perfect instrument - computer, allowing to create devices for carrying out of laboratory experiments of any complexity in educational experiment undertaken by LNTO collective. The computer was really applied for the direct purpose as the powerful knowledge method of the investigated phenomena nature: as the instrument and mean for result fixing and analysis.

Within one year the first version of the measuring system, allowing to connect to a IBM-compatible computer up to 32 temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors and others, has designed.

The original computer program realized the universal script of carrying out of the laboratory works, including a test problems for the pupil's pre-admission to the work, a brief theoretical material with the experimental protocol, necessary for assembly of the experimental device, and also a blocks for carrying out of experiment and for processing of the obtained results and defense of laboratory work. The build-in spreadsheet allowed to organize self-maintained work of experiment result processing and type-out allowed to achieve a new level of given reports for checkout by a teacher.

We gave the name to this product: the Laboratory Multipurpose Measuring Complex for Development and Teaching of pupils - L-micro ®, which later became our trademark.

In cooperation with the leading methodologists of Southern district of Moscow attempt of applying of the system created for higher education for average statistical school has been undertaken.The created package has received the name - "Electrodynamics and Physical optics" and has included the computer measuring system, the set of the laboratory equipment (resistors, valves, transistors, photoelectric cells on supports, keys, wires, etc.) and the experiment description book for the teacher. However, it would be hardly possible to name this work successful: it is became obvious for us, that the most of teachers are very much engaged people and they do not have any time to penetrate into subtleties of use of various sensors or programs, etc.

Years passed and package operation at schools has revealed weaknesses and strengths of the suggested approach. The first product the line of L-micro ® laboratory and demonstration equipment has been created on a basis of the first product.

The block-subject principle of equipment set forming has been put into the basis of all products. The set of "Thermal phenomena" package began one of the first demonstration sets. For the first time in a national practice we have tried to create a comfortable working environment for the teacher by including in a package not only all necessary devices, but also used materials, detailed description for carrying out of experiments with an illustrations executed by volumetric computer simulation technology and with brief theoretical bases of the investigated phenomenon.

Simultaneously, we worked at making of set for carrying out of laboratory works. The innovative ideas suggested at their designing (use of magnetic fastenings and unification of circuit board), have allowed us to release products with an optimum price-quality ratio, even at a small production volume. Following the principles, we have supplied these sets with detailed methodical instructions and distributing materials for pupils.

Одновременно, мы работали над созданием линейки наборов для проведения лабораторных работ. Новаторские идеи, предложенные при их проектировании, такие как использование магнитных креплений и унификация монтажной платы, позволили нам выпускать изделие с оптимальным соотношением цена-качество, даже при небольших объемах производства. Следуя свои принципам, мы снабдили эти наборы подробными методическими указаниями и раздаточными материалами для учащихся.

Application experience of the "Thermal phenomena" set has confirmed a need for manufacture of the demonstration devices using a computer. The following development, which has opened up opportunities of computer measuring system application at school, became the "Demonstration mechanics" set in which we have changed a method of demonstration device installation in comparison with classical method. Arrangement of set elements on a metal blackboard, which has superseded old school boards from the circulation by then, has served as a first step to systems implementation of magnetic fastenings in demonstration experiment.The "Demonstration mechanics" set has shown advantages of a computer measuring system, such as high repeatability of experimental results, an opportunity of operative result processing, a carrying out a lot of demonstration experiments during a lesson.

Cooperation with RNPO "Rosuchpribor", which started in 1999, became an important landmark in integration of our collective to professional community of manufacturers and designers of educational equipment. One of the first joint designs executed in the new alliance was making a set for carrying out of laboratory works on mechanics which using of electronic stop watch at carrying out of experiment was an exclusive feature. The "Frontal mechanics" set has begun a new direction of our activity - making of the modern system of equipment storage.

In opinion of a teachers using the computer measuring system, have forced us to release the new version of the software focused only at carrying out of demonstration experiment.Result processing and device adjustment have been integrated in a new program shell. Special solutions, for example, use of thick lines, application of large digit indicators, minimal computer requirements which have been used at making software, have made possible an observation over change of physical properties at 14" display during experiment by all pupils in a classroom.The given technology has allowed to implant a computer measuring system in classrooms which are non-equipped with projection devices.

Cooperation with other members of interstate association of educational devices designers and manufacturers (IAEDDM) became logic continuation of the industrial cooperation expansion. It has led to release of demonstration sets on an electrodynamics and wave optics at which designing a constructive and methodical nuances of other manufacturer devices necessary for operation with packages have been taken into account.

Today we work at making of complete system of educational equipment which is not only interesting by the methodological solutions, but also is ergonomic, state-of-the-art, and using last achievement of modern electronics and information technologies. At the heart of our developments there is the modern technique of carrying out of natural-science experiment, the extended computer opportunities at data collection and processing and pictorial presentation of results and high technologies of teaching.

The knowledge, which has been stored during research activities and introduction of the modern technologies, help us to construct various devices to provide uniform methodical solutions of the experimental component of educational process.

The production divisions located in Moscow and Moscow suburbs carry out serial release of educational devices. For achievement of the best consumer properties of our products a computer simulation methods, plastic molding, material machining, screen-printing, electronic and machine-assembly manufacture are used.

The nomenclature of L-micro ® equipment is safe for health of pupils and formed on the base of block-subject principle and fully complies with equipment lists of the general educational establishments authorized by Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Novelty and quality of our production were repeatedly rewarded by diplomas of the relevant exhibitions, certificates and certificates of authorship.

L-micro ® laboratory is the leader of design, manufacture and distribution of educational devices, which provides the best standards for education. When you choose L-micro R equipment you can be sure that it is a right solution and any necessary support in the future will be provided for you. As skilled and competent manufacturers we are glad to help you with a select of necessary educational equipment.

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