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The personal computer with the measuring block is its kernel. Physical quantity sensors, which are connected to the measuring block, serve for carrying out of measurement.

The computer measuring complex is supplemented with digital instruments which application has advantages for the solution of some pedagogical problems in comparison with a computer. Serially released equipment packages cover the basic sections of a school course.

L-micro ® solves a realization problem of the maximum experiment manufacturability principle (lack of time for experiment preparation) by equipment designing for demonstration installations and detailed description of a experience procedure - together with the measuring block and program, allowing to involve a computer in demonstration experiment. A teacher receives the devices designed specially for carrying out of measurements with the help of sensors. The orientation to sensor systems underlies in L-micro ® equipment.

Rather frequently demonstration devices for carrying out of experiments include the same elements, which are used in different combinations. It allows to complete equipment as sets which, on the one hand, include everything required for carrying out of experiments of the given section, and with another - eliminate the necessity to get and to store superfluous elements. Moreover, partial or complete assembly of demonstration device in pupil's presence promotes better learning of an investigated material.Such maintenance of conformity is a problem solved by development of a package, and the ultimate goal here is not only a correctness of experience, but also is a time saving for experiment preparation in a classroom.

The serious attitude to concept of "work convenience of the teacher" forces to think and about such trifles, as used materials and accessories, which exact selection provides successful carrying out of experiment.

Such maintenance of conformity is a problem solved by development of a package, and the ultimate goal here is not only a correctness of experience, but also is a time saving for experiment preparation in a classroom.

Making of equipment packages compounded with a computer measuring system, allows to provide reproducibility of experience starting conditions and partial automation of carrying out of experiment.

When the teacher receives unknown equipment, it is necessary to help him with it's maximum efficiency using. Methodical recommendations, which accompany with all L-micro R sets, serve for this purpose.Opportunities of L-micro R computer measuring system allow to carry out the most complex measuring necessary in a school course, however in a number of cases the lesson task can be solved by one or two devices showing numerical value of measurands.

For performance of such measurements at educational demonstration experiment the following L-micro ® measuring instruments are created: demonstration stop watch and digital instruments for voltage, current and for other physical quantities which are compact and organically fall into demonstration experiment device.

The main principles of L-micro ® demonstration experiment are:

  • principle of the experimental device conjugate with a computer measuring system;
  • principle of the experiment execution according to the script coded in the computer program and described in the methodical instructions;
  • principle of the teacher compulsory training for carrying out of experiment with a computer;
  • · presence of the script determining the order for carrying out of experiment;
  • integrating of equipment in the packages intended for studying of certain course sections;
  • application of the equipment designed with sensor or digital instruments;
  • data processing with the help of the computer program and displaying of figures and diagrams processing results;
  • maintenance of repeatability of starting conditions of experiment that allows to accumulate the data in consecutive experience line and to carry out their joint processing
  • availability of computer control elements for a demonstration device
  • placing of the experimental device on a vertical surface of a metal blackboard.
  • necessary measurement accuracy for physical properties;
  • time slice measurement within the one start of a mechanical system motion;
  • simultaneous measurement, screening and recording of two physical system parameters;
  • the quantitative studying of single pulsed processes in electrodynamics.

L-micro ® demonstration equipment successfully works in many Russian schools. The first sets ("Thermal phenomena") have been released in 1995, after that hundreds schools throughout the country were equipped by L-micro ®. During complex equipment of Moscow schools a teachers are invited to a cycle of lecture-laboratory lessons where the new equipment demonstrated afoot and where they have an opportunity to operate it. Today, studying of a procedure of carrying out of the demonstration experiment at L-micro ® equipment gets into the programs for training of college students and of listeners of extension courses of regional extension course institutes for educational employee.

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