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The "Electricity 3" demonstration set
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  • The "Electricity 3" demonstration set

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    The set is intended for demonstrating experiments on capacitor and coil and studying phenomena and regularities of the "Alternative current" course.

    > Device configuration

    1. Switch
    2. Capacitor (18.8 microF)
    3. Capacitor (4.7 microF)
    4. Capacitor (4700 microF)
    5. Capacitor (2200 microF)
    6. Ferrite choke-coil
    7. Inductor connector module
    8. Hank coil, 2 items

    > The experiments

    1. Capacitor charging

    2. Capacitor discharging

    3. Energy of charged capacitor

    4. Electromagnetic induction

    5. Phenomenon of self-induction

    6. Capacitor in AC circuit

    7. Inductor in AC circuit

    8. AC series circuit

    9. Resonance in series oscillatory circuit

    10. Determining how resonance frequency depends on circuit paprmeters

    11. Principle of transformer functioning

    To carry out the experiments you will need: power supply 220/24 V 6 A (regulated) Low-frequency sound generator The "Electricity 1" demonstration set The "Electricity 2" demonstration set current and voltage digital measurement tools set
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