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Transmission density sensor
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  • Transmission density sensor


    The sensor defines transmission density of liquid environments.

    > Technical features

    Range of linearity, 0 up to 1.5 (in rooms illuminated by incandenscent lamps or natural light)
    Sensitivity, 0.002
    Range of operating temperatures, (0 up to 60) C
    Response time, up to 1 s
    Do not illuminate the operating sensor with direct sunlight and do not change the illumination sharply. The work requirs a computer interface block.

    The transmission density sensors define transmission density of liquid environments. The wavelengths of 660 nm, 595 nm, 475 nm and 400 nm are supported (by a sensor per each wavelength). The specific feature is measuring the transmission density in open cavity. Thus, students may see the color changing and the appropriate transmission density changing. the sensor is implemented as frame installed on cavity. The source of light is fixed at the inner side and the sensitive element lies in opposite. The transmission density is defined as D = lg(I0/I) where I0 is the intensity of the fallen light and I is the intensity of the transmssed light. The I0 intensity is measured by sensor calibrating.
    To carry out the experiments you will need: Computer interface block
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