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Educational equipment: Higher education equipment >> Physical practical work for a higher school

High school practical works on Physics
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  • High school practical works on Physics



    The package is intended for holding practical works on Physics

    > Device configuration

    The package includes:

    · Computer measuring block
    · Set of wires
    · Software
    · Manuals
    · Power supply
    · Tripod
    · Pressure sensor
    · Rotation frequency sensor
    · Promptness sensor
    · Optoelectrical sensor
    · Electromagnet
    · Ballistic pendulum
    · Reversible pendulum
    · Maxwell’s pendulum
    · Set of balls
    · Rods with weights and rigging
    · Connecting pipes
    · Manual pump
    · Tube with liquid and ball

    > The experiments


    1. 1. Defining the speed of body by means of ballistic pendulum

    2. Balls concussion

    3. Defining the inertia moments

    4. Defining the gravitational acceleration

    5. Studying the pulse conservation law

    6. Maxwell’s pendulum

    7. Measuring the air thermal conductivity

    8. Defining the ratio of thermal capacities of gases at constant volume and constant pressure

    9. Measuring the liquid viscosity by means of Stocks technique

    To carry out the experiments you will need: IBM PC compatible
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